Weʼre raising £5,000 to Raise funds for MAX SPIERS’ on going legal fees. He died July 16th 2016, the circumstances are being investigated, we are seeking the truth.

Max Spiers died July 16th, 2016 under suspicious circumstances. He was connected with Poland as he had been speaking there earlier in the year. He died , that night, unexpectedly. Look on line for extensive details about this disturbing case.
We have a Polish lawyer who is working closely with the Polish prosecutor. We have a British lawyer also working tirelessly on Max’s case. The inquest is being prepared for in great detail with many interviews already in place. The cost of this in depth inquest is great, we need assistance for justice to prevail . A young, vibrant, father, son, brother has been lost, a voice for so very many has been taken from us. He is loved across the world, we can’t rest until the facts are revealed and the ghastly misinformation is righted! He has been wronged. Please help us in this fight for honesty and justice.

~ Vanessa Bates 


This investigation is ongoing, hence ongoing legal fees. Max’s family is doing the best they can but do not have the financial capability to bare the burden of the legal feels alone. So any help is greatly appreciated. No one likes to ask! But it’s ultimately for Max! So we thank you in advance for your caring and generosity.

~ Rosette 

8 thoughts on “Weʼre raising £5,000 to Raise funds for MAX SPIERS’ on going legal fees. He died July 16th 2016, the circumstances are being investigated, we are seeking the truth.”

  1. Hello.
    I see, unfortunately, that the Just Giving fund did not do so well.

    I know every bit helps, but the fees must be very high as associated with these circumstances.

    Now that the fundraising on that site is finished, I suggest it would be a good idea to add a PayPal email address to the information here on this site.

    Some people will see the post and want to give a little, and even little bits help.

    I gave a little bit to the Just Giving fund, and would have wanted to add more small amounts at intervals if it were still going, but am unable.

    Can it hurt to add a PayPal email address for donations?

    It may not lead to many donations, but when people come by and want to help a bit, it makes sense to allow it through one-off donations.

    I think most people who have used the internet much have signed up for a PayPal account, and it is easy to send a donation, as long as there is an email identified we can send to.

    (Either that or another fund on a site which allows easy extensions – crowd funding site maybe.
    I know Ms Bates has tried this before, and anytime you do anything genuine publicly, especially through the internet, there are sad people waiting to attack your actions for no reason.
    Ignore them, though, there is just nothing in their heads.)

  2. If anyone knows where to reach out for strengthening, of psychic abilities and a holy place/church that is involved and educated with that this… Please let me know

  3. hi Vanessa,
    i like many many others are so deeply saddened and angered by max’s death.
    i experienced quite a bit of what he talked about, very heavy constant psychic remote attack between 2013-2014,
    i was in a heighted stated of fear that was prolonged and broaght about these occultists idiots. i believe i could have died from those efforts , listening to his online stuff masilvy helped me and being in england i did think to myself, oh i’d like to reach out and share stories, i never did.
    I dont have facebook, so reading the re-postings of his writing is helping me now connect to my heart center, and heal the scars left from my own fear and those attacks. so the fact that this website exists means max’s works really will continue to help those going a head and transforming their consciousness.
    i dont know anything about max’s ‘death’, but from my own experiences they can wear down your natural auric armour and and the attacks can be very very very physical – even though it’s remote, mine was heart attacks and whole body palpations!
    this can only happen to someone who they can lure into a fear state
    i cannot for the life of me, understand why the interviewer did not intervene when he felt attacked in the interview, at that exact moment you would turn the camera off and connect with nature/meditate. i dont know if the interviewer is just a complete idiot at best, but i do believe we have a collective resposiblity to each other, and at that moment he had a resposiblity to insure max’s health.

  4. I am composing a large deposition of evidence of current international war criminals, which is quite exhausting.

    Having done this for the last 16 years (since finishing Sussex university), being bombarded by propoganda, its hard to keep track of primary resources.

    I find when i listen to Max Spiers , in close detail, his “adjective mind and words” helps me into the work.

    There are crucial pieces of his work which bringer wider aspects to think into.

    If my work comes into fruition, i shall make public his contribution.

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