9 thoughts on “December 22, 1976 Happy Birthday Maxwell”

  1. Max. The love you are receiving transcends words. You know this. Oh please let us know you hear and feel us today my darling gorgeous son Oh max. Oh max.

  2. Max I never met you , but have come to know you since you were taken from us. Thank you for the information you have given our world . We can only hope that people have listened and taken into their heart your message of encouraging the human race to live each other to overcome the evil forces who are plaguing our wonderful planet earth. Love to you Max … Always

  3. I believe everything he said. I am a Syrian, and when he said those of us drawn to him will remember. And I did as I watched him. He felt very very familiar to me. I’m only sorry that I just found him only 24 hours ago. What a powerful spirit!!! Blessings multiplied to you in the after life Max. And healing blankets of light to his family. *

  4. I too, only found you Max Spiers, after your transition. I feel connected to you in some way. I have been listening to people speak on their experiences of MK Ultra mind control and alters pedophilia, entities, deminsions and ‘other worldly beings’ and the like. However after watching just one of your interviews everything clicked! All the information I had seen and heard about most of the subjects you spoke on came together like pieces of a puzzle. I now feel as though it is time to make changes in my life as I seem to really be waking up. I pray for your soul to really find peace now.

  5. Hi Max, I love you. Thank you for your humanity and I appreciate your soul and energy and am sorry as my heart is in pain at the thought of your suffering in the realm of evil. My tears at the moment are sad because you suffered for the betterment of mankind. Thank you again for awakening us at this time I pray the war ends soon for the betterment of all consciousness . I learned of you today but feel like I’ve known you lifetimes.

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