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  1. I was living in California when I came across, in a timespace somewhere around the 1985, the one you see as Max Spiers. He has other name identities in other timespaces, just like I have other forms. His dream of the V-marked people was authentic in one of many basements of the collective consciousness. He believed in between worlds, like I had, and we never factually met, if it could be demonstrated, but if we did meet one another, it is only in several dreams when we were children. Running through houses, chasing light-lines. A part of me believes that in several pages of an existence he only died in subtle universes, then he stood up from his own body on the couch, after his heart stopped, and kept running between worlds. I think it’s his third world-line where he died that way as Max Spiers. It makes me wonder where I will land in timelines after I post this, will it remain, or be only a dream?

    1. Hi there.I’m new to this arena.I’ve had horrible experiences from using Salvia divinorum Anyway though I want to meethe like minded people.I’ve watched max and when I learned of his death it sounds cheezybut my heart melted.I’ve got a little problem with opiates as well. I’m Pisces born on the 13th of March.

      1. Hey Dale! Greetings, I’ve only found Max and his teachings, experiences this year. And yes, heartmelt on learning of his passing..also the completely dodgy circumstances of his death 🙁 i Know nd understand the world of opiates nd reading yr message made me want to respond. If you wanna email, [email protected] that’d be cool 🙂 to Max’s family and friends, I truly do feel for you and send heartfelt love and respect. I can understand you’d still very much be in griefland, i lost my best friend, my mum.. But there’s so much love for the being that they’ll always be alive 😀 i really believe this. Peace and love, andria @bombo nsw australia ???✨?

  2. Truth can never be extinguished.

    Max gives help and encourages others.

    Help is ongoing in getting to the complicated bottom of this twisted mess. Truth will be known about the circumstances affecting Max and the coverups to attempt squashing the Truth.

    Max, a courageous, genuine true spiritual warrior.

  3. Signora un grande abbraccio da l Italia,anche io come max sono ricercatore e spesso mi imbatto in situazioni molto scomode.Purtroppo in questo mondo signora accade che se alzi il lenzuolo vedi la polvere,ma persone come suo figlio veramente una standing ovation di cuore,per il lavoro svolto i sacrifici e lo capisco bene perché anche io ho un sito web dove pubblico foto e video molto scomodi per l’élite mondiale. Nessuno ha mai fatto questa cosa in un sito web e vorrei farla io,una standing ovation a tutti gli ufologi morti uccisi misteriosamente,senza il loro lavoro e contributo sarebbe stato impensabile.Avrei piacere se mi contattasse nel mio sito web dove ho anche una chat live,un abbraccio signora e ricordi suo figlio è stato veramente un eroe

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