Story by Max at Five Years Old~ Beware of the V






One night a boy was in bed when he saw light beaming through his window and it was around. He looked out of his window and he caught a glance of a flying saucer.  The mountain he got up and went to look what he saw. When went to what is was the women coming out were people but  I noticed that had sort of a V shape on the neck. After that I ran home to tell anyone. Next morning I found out that they were from this  Earth. That they had been bitten by some sort of creature and when they were bitten they were brainwashed! And they came after people to bite their neck. So we would not (trust) any body with a V on their neck.

~Max Spiers

5 Years Old

(circa 1981)


12 thoughts on “Story by Max at Five Years Old~ Beware of the V”

  1. I am happy his precious works are being preserved. I am looking forward to his artwork being displayed. Someday it will be worth a fortune. Hold on tightly to it.

  2. I was bitten on the foot as a child by a creature , that I would be happy to describe and discuss.This was in 1992-3….I was 5 years of age…

  3. This has me thinking about the “masonic scissor” gesture many celebrities make where they touch their necks/chin making a V with forefinger & thumb. I was led to believe it was a signal to others in the know that they would keep occult knowledge secret or be killed, but this really has me thinking it could be a whole different secret theyre signalling to keep.

    So sorry for your loss. May the light Max shone forever warm your heart.

  4. Nobody’s really commented on the content of this, maybe because it’s obvious, and even though I’m no specialist, it’s interesting how it starts off as the story of a boy, using “he”, and then the pronoun becomes “I”; would you know if his mother has any recollection of him writing that and maybe asking him more details about it then?

    1. Hi Florian,
      I’ll ask Vanessa if she has any more insight and would like to share with us here. Interesting observation!

      1. What I find interesting is that Max wrote his story two years before the TV series came on called V which were aliens that came in a flying craft to take over the world! They did a remake in 2009 as well.

        Also how Max mentions that they are VAMPIRES. It IS the vampiric energy that is controlling our world. Prince Charles is a direct descendant of Vlad (notice the V) the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula. Max knew on a certain level when he was five years old about this information.

  5. Okay, this is freaky. I woke up with a V scratched into my neck in fall 2015. I’m pretty certain I’m not a vampire or any more brainwashed than I was previously (keeping in mind all people are subject to various levels of brainwash). 😛 ps. I took pictures and shared them with friends at the time, so no BS!

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