I’m opening this blog so I can write and get clear concise information across to those who resonate with my thinking and experiences.

I’m very excited to begin this journey and I will be blogging my journey and findings in a way that I’ve never done before.  It’s time to disintegrate the last vestiges of the thinning veil for good and I hope this blog will be a tool to do so.

We can’t be stopped now and I’m going to go into considerably more detail than I ever would or could on FaceBook.

I thank everyone for their support and kindness and this will also be a platform for me to promote the 3 conferences that I will be speaking at this upcoming year.

This is going to be bigger than huge and I invite anyone who has any thoughts or ideas to jump on board and make this space as fantastic as it’s going to be.

Thank you EVERYBODY! You all know who you are!

~Max Spiers

July 12, 2016


Założyłem ten blog, aby w prosty i jasny sposób pisać i przekazywać informacje tym, którzy rezonują z moim sposobem myślenia i moimi doświadczeniami.

Bardzo się cieszę, że rozpoczynam tą podróż. Będę blogował na temat mojej drogi i moich na niej odkryć w zupełnie nowy sposób. Czas na dobre odsunąć ostatnie resztki coraz cieńszej zasłony i mam nadzieję, że ten blog stanie się tego narzędziem.

Nie da się nas już zatrzymać i będę wchodzić w szczegóły dużo głębiej niż bym to zrobił lub mógł zrobić na facebooku.

Dziękuję wszystkim za wsparcie i za życzliwość. To będzie także moja platforma do promowania trzech konferencji, w których wezmę udział w nadchodzącym roku.

To będzie przedsięwzięcie większe niż ogromne i zapraszam na pokład każdego, kto ma przemyślenia lub pomysły jak uczynić tą przestrzeń tak fantastyczną jak będzie.

Dziękuję wam WSZYSTKIM! Wszyscy wiecie, kim jesteście!

~Maxa Spiers

July 12, 2016


J’ouvre ce blog afin de pouvoir écrire et transmettre des informations claires et concises à ceux qui se retrouvent dans mes pensées et expériences.

Je suis très excité de débuter ce cheminement; j’emplirai ce blog des détails de celui-ci, ainsi que de mes découvertes, d’une façon dont je ne l’avais jamais fait auparavant. Il est l’heure de désintégrer pour de bon les derniers vestiges du voile rétrécissant déjà, et j’espère que ce blog servira d’outil à cet accomplissement.

Nous ne pouvons plus être arrêtés, et je vais aller dans beaucoup plus de détail que je ne le pourrais sur Facebook.

Je remercie tout le monde pour son soutien et gentillesse, et ceci sera également une plateforme me permettant de promouvoir les 3 conférences auxquelles je vais m’exprimer cette année.

Ceci va être plus qu’énorme, et j’invite quiconque ayant des pensées ou idées à nous rejoindre et à rendre cet endroit aussi fantastique que possible.

Merci À TOUS! Vous savez qui vous êtes!

~Max Spiers

12 Juillet 2016


  1. Hey you,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best on your new endeavor here. Looking forward to your lovely words. You really are making a difference. You are a fighter Max. I stand with you.
    Your friend,

  2. Since I first became aware of you last summer……it’s been evident to me you have an amazing deep and unique experience and perspective..that is rare. I coyldnt wait for the time you would share more…of so many experiences I have either had…or resonate with. And…now…Its Here !!!!

  3. Hi Max. Well done with this awesome website and as always looking forward to your words and honest interviews which have broadened my knowledge on the whole picture. Kia Kaha Louisa

  4. RIP Max. Ironically I have only learnt of your work through your death but what you say resonates so strongly with me. I have felt that the heart is the key to our sovereignty for a while and that they try to control us through trauma. I am just beginning on a mission to help people to clear trapped trauma through which ever means that I can. And now that I have listened to your videos this is going to be even more so! Also, the stuff that you say about what is really going on behind the scenes makes more sense to me than I’ve heard anyone else speak about this subject. This has given me more clarity and helped to clear a lot of confusion and fear and help me go forward with my mission. I’ve been told that I have a big heart (usually by people who want to take a piece of it) and I am going to use it to its highest potential for the betterment of all. Safe travels on the next part of your journey.

  5. …”good bye ma friend and my best wishes for ur off world journey, i know that the day will come where we meet again. its still hard to realize that you left mother earth, thank U so much for what was done…and…thanks for leaving some of your last thoughts”…

    – – – PEACE – – –

    .oO((( 7 )))Oo.oO((( ^T^ )))Oo.

  6. I am so saddened to hear of Max’s passing. My thoughts are with his girlfriend and family and all his loved ones. I was just a watcher from afar but his spirit even touched me. I lost my mum on the 4th June so it’s tough to hear this news. Fly free Max and enjoy the ride.


    1. Yes so sad. Ultimately we can only feel who people are with our
      hearts and never really know them. I did not personally know Max – but he felt like a really good friend somehow – an older brother and I will miss him.

  7. Rest In Peace My Brother Max

    A Knight
    In Honor
    In Nobility
    In Respect
    In Heart
    In loving Memory

  8. So sad to hear of this wonderful spirit leaving us , thankyou for being the only person i heard talking about this type of reality we are all stuck in, explain it so well, my blessings to all the family, our thoughts are with you. Love and Light

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