Healing is the Most Important Aspect of Human Beings- ZDROWIENIE TO NAJWAŻNIEJSZY ASPEKT ISTOT LUDZKICH

Healing is the most important aspect of human beings being able to remember who they are.

Remember the transhumanist movement and the Setian ideology would have you believe different.
They are both about obsession with self,they are about obsession with power,they are about blackmail. They don’t want you to heal, because in healing comes self empowerment.

~Max Spiers

March 27, 2016


Zdrowienie to najważniejszy aspekt istot ludzkich w procesie przypominani sobie, kim są.

Pamiętaj, że trans-humanitarny ruch ideologii Seta chce, żebyś myślał inaczej.

Maja obsesję zarówno na własnym punkcie, jaki i na punkcie władzy. Szantażują. Nie chcą, żebyś ozdrowiał, bo wraz z ozdrowienie przychodzi wiara we własne siły.

~Max Spiers

27 marca 2016

One thought on “Healing is the Most Important Aspect of Human Beings- ZDROWIENIE TO NAJWAŻNIEJSZY ASPEKT ISTOT LUDZKICH”

  1. Max, I know your still here watching impatiently as all that needs to be revealed is taking its time. Although I have no evidence nothing of the sort, for some reason I know without doubt this is true. It’s kinda wierd how I got here, researching you, others and other dimensions. If you can believe it all started researching my family history…. I strongly believe someone something has left breadcrumbs for me.
    Only because before I learned who my family was I wasn’t as into this subject. I know there’s still a lot of work ahead a lot of inner work on my part. I just wanted you to know your message is getting out in the open and I for one am picking up the gauntlet. Your death and all the others will not be in vain. Thank you for listening and well you hear me.

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