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AnnaN for Max ~ What is Really Happening (28.07.2017)

Sometimes I have days where I let my soul speak through my heart. Tonight is this kind of time. I wonder what is happiness and why are we really here? Dear God, can you give us the answer  please ’cause sometimes I can’t anymore. I can’t look around and pretend that I don’t see the pain around me. And why it hurts so much.

Why me?…My life is beautiful and so what? I always choose what I want. I feel that Angels are by me. I have high empathy but it’s my curse. I had a hard childhood but it’s okay because I could see what is good and what isn’t. I had the most mentally strong grandfather, he was my biggest hero! I had a father that taught me that nobody is perfect.  That people can give up. That people can be weak and have problems with alcohol because of their weakness. I miss my grandfather and my father. They passed away. My grandfather taught me to not give up and do what I love.- no matter what. I really miss them. Two distinct people and two so different characters.  I think about them almost every day through the years… I light up the candles because I feel they are with me and they need the light from my heart and my memories. It’s so real and I feel it so deep inside me, that is even painful (sometimes).

I feel like my soul is crying ’cause of the loss of people that I loved, still love- ’cause death can change nothing- if we love someone truly! And believe me, as much as you love someone, as much as it can hurt you, if this person is no longer here by your side, it tears my heart inside. I’m handling this but for how long?

And sometimes you have this kind of day, like I have tonight, that you ask yourself- why am I here? … and why does life hurt so much? Why can’t I be happy with what I have? I should be happy…but…

You don’t have to know someone to feel some spiritual connection with this person. It means its on the level of heart and soul, that causes these kind of feelings.

The same kind of feeling I have with Max.

He is like my brother, my soul mate. And I miss him in the same way like I miss my grandfather, my father. I wondered why me?… I know the answer but I don’t write it here. You know it too because some of you feel the same way.

And where is the sense of life? I don’t agree that we are here to learn this.  I will never agree with that ’cause it’s not true. I feel it’s not my home, this is not the place where I belong.  I came here to watch the most egotistic place in the Universe! The prison under the veil of black magic, where we have no real free will. This place has its own rules and we can’t change it,  we can’t… but we can try… Always we can try rescue as many people as we can… or give up…

We are just the prisoners of The Hunger Games… I am aware of this BUT do you know how hard it is living with this “truth”? Can you even imagine how hard it is living every day looking around and seeing that we are far away from home- “true home”- and that we have some mission here…and we don’t even know what kind of mission we have here? How can we know? This place doesn’t want us to know…we can just feel it deep inside, that’s all. BUT is it enough to BELIEVE? Oh how strong you have to be to BELIEVE…JUST YOU KNOW THAT…AND MAX KNEW…

Yes, he was a brave man, he not only believed, he carried out his mission and he failed himself that he couldn’t carry out his mission. He tried and did what he could. It’s better than doing nothing. So I feel we should continue it in our own unique way and TRY… just TRY. And you know why he is not still with us? ‘Cause we can’t act alone and he was alone or he chose to act alone.  I think he wanted to protect the people he loved…

Yes when we love someone we want to create the safe place for this person/people… and Max loved us. So he did everything he could for the people around the world. He loved not only his family, friends, he loved everyone and I know it… because I know this kind of feeling very well.

My heart is bleeding and you can’t even imagine, how strong and at the same time painful is this kind of feeling.

If you know this feeling too, then you know how hard it is to live … every day watching innocent people who are suffering around the world. And you want to help but you are powerless because you are ALONE.

Yes we are alone and we must find the strength deep inside ourselves. Deep inside we have a piece of the Universe- yes, it’s the truth! What do we need to activate it? FAITH…BELIEVE… then we are ready to do our mission in this place.

We are ready to get our memories and knowledge back. Max did it all, he passed this way and he felt the strength inside his heart. ..and he made a huge impact on many people. Their lives will never be the same (our lives). He lifted up in us hope, friendship, faith, selflessness, sensitivity. He woke us up to help other people.  How can we help? We don’t have to do huge things. It means you can help through your life: at home, at work, on the street.  Everywhere you are and you see, someone to help. Do you know what is happening when you help? You give the people example and you light up in their hearts the sparkles and flickers of love, empathy and gratitude. You will wake the people up too, because every one of us has his own way to do his mission.

You can be a teacher and help children at school. You can be a doctor and help people in the hospital. You can be a baker and help homeless people. You can work in a corporation and help people to respect one another, trust each other…

I feel our mission is to help people live BETTER. And when I am writing this I feel great relief. This night I was very sad. I feel that it sat heavy on my heart, so I started to write this letter to myself, and you all.

And I miss Max…

Sparkles, flickers of somebody’s JOY, GRATTITUDE, which comes from the soul, next from the heart, through the voice, touch and eyes- it makes us happy.  It’s my happiness… I found it because of you, and you, and you… because I am no longer alone in the Universe, and Max was a person, the first person, the first person after my grandfather, father, who made an impact on me… that I am not alone in this World. He is the person who felt in the same way and saw the same, like me.

Let’s make this place a better place for us  and our children! FOR HUMANITY…

In memory of my soul mate.


P.S. Max thank you, for you know what….

P.P.S. Rosette thank you, for you know what…

P.P.P.S. Vanessa, be proud of yourself,  you know why…


Yarusha’s Thoughts on Maxwell- Refleksje Yorushy na temat Maxwella

Yarusha recently contacted me wanting to share some experiences she had regarding Maxwell.  The events that she shared and their synchronicities with Max are undeniable.  She speaks truly from the heart and I wanted to share her events and especially her lovely words. I know Max would approve of this wholeheartedly.

Thank you kindly Yarusha ~ Rosette

Niedawno skontaktowała się ze mną Yarusha i chciała opowiedzieć o przeżyciach, jakie miała w związku z Maxwellem. Wydarzenia, jakimi chciała się podzielić i ich synchroniczność z Maxem są niezaprzeczalne. Przemawia z głębi serca i chciałabym podzielić się jej doświadczeniami, a szczególnie jej słowami pełnymi miłości. Wiem, że Max by to poparł całym sercem.

Bardzo Ci dziękuję, Yarusha ~ Rosette


The death of Max Spiers impacted me in a way I did not expect. I knew he was special and  I listened to many of his interviews. He spoke truths that resonated with My soul. I did not know Max on a personal level, but when he died I knew deep down inside that his purpose and mission was far greater than I had realized.  I truly feel that Max Spiers was a here to protect us,  and still is even if he has passed.

I spoke out to Max the day I learned of his death . I was angry, sad , and disappointed he would no longer be here to share with us what he knew. I asked him to communicate with me. I asked for him to continue the dialogue he was having with us. I thanked him for all he had done , how generous he had been, with all that he had given of himself.

In the days that followed Max’s death I began to experience synchronistic messages , that were very much related to what Max so often spoke of.  When ever I would experience these magical moments I would tune into myself and listen to the messages I received from within.  Each time a clear and direct feeling would run through me, letting me know that my heart is my compass. And that if I ever want to communicate with Max, go to my heart and speak to him, he lives there, he lives  inside the hearts of those who are connected to him. And so that is what I did , and I still do. I speak to him through my heart.

He reminds me that I and all human beings are brilliantly powerful , but we don’t know where the power comes from. He says the power comes from the gem that is in the center of our chests. It is a buried treasure that has been suppressed by those who know our actual power. All the effort they have put into  creating a world that is built to distract us from ever knowing the miracle  of our hearts, is done because they are afraid of what we can do if we are to awaken to our own heart. But it is up to us to do the work. To heal our hearts, listen to our hearts, love our hearts , nourish out hearts, and protect our hearts. This is an ongoing job that is our only true purpose. To use our gift, it is why we are here.

Max spoke so often of the Heart being our Earth. I remember a few days after his death seeing a beautiful rainbow, I automatically thought it was sent from him. When I looked at the rainbow I received a clear message that the Quickest way and deepest way to heal and nourish one’ s heart is to be with the earth. To be with nature, trees, flowers, grass, the clouds, water , and animals, this is what awakens your core. This is why they are destroying out Earth- our Heart. This is why we have to save our earth. He wants us to know when ever we connect with our hearts we are strengthening our Mother Earth. We make her stronger.

I believe Max Spiers is truly connected with The Christ energy, and he is accessible at any time. I believe you can find him in your heart, you can feel his spirit. His soul is big, it is full of strength courage, wisdom, and love. If you quiet your mind and make yourself still you can feel him, your heart will know too.


September 16, 2016

(You can reach Yarusha at [email protected])


Śmierć Maxa Spiersa dotknęła mnie w nieoczekiwany sposób. Wiedziałam, że był szczególny i słuchałam wielu z nim wywiadów. Mówił prawdę, która rezonowała z moja duszą. Nie znałam Maxa osobiście, ale kiedy zmarł zdałam sobie sprawę, że jego cel i misja były o wiele większe niż mi się początkowo wydawało. Naprawdę poczułam, że Max tu był, by nas chronić. Nadal to robi, mimo że nie ma go już wśród nas.

Zwróciłam się do Maxa w dniu jego śmierci. Byłam zła, smutna i zawiedziona, że nie ma go już tutaj i nie może dzielić się z nami swoja wiedzą. Poprosiłam go o kontakt ze mną. Poprosiłam, by kontynuował dialog, jaki z nami prowadził. Podziękowałam za wszystko, co zrobił, za jego szczodrość w dawaniu z siebie.

Przez kolejne dni po śmierci Maxa zaczęłam otrzymywać synchronistyczne wiadomości, ściśle powiązane z tematami często przez niego poruszanymi. W momencie kiedy przezywałam te magiczne momenty, dostrajałam się do mojego wnętrza i wsłuchiwałam się w wiadomości od niego. Za każdym razem ogarniało mnie jasne i konkretne uczucie wskazujące, że moim kompasem jest moje serce. Jeśli kiedykolwiek zechcę skontaktować się z Maxem, mam wejść w pole mojego serca i mówić do niego, bo on tam przebywa, jest w sercach tych, którzy są z nim połączeni. Tak więc zrobiłam i nadal robię. Mowię do niego sercem.

Przypomina mi, że ja i wszyscy inni ludzie posiadamy potężną moc, ale nie wiemy, skąd ona pochodzi. Twierdzi, że moc pochodzi z klejnotu wewnątrz naszych piersi. To ukryty skarb, stłumiony przez znających naszą rzeczywistą moc. Włożyli duży wysiłek w stworzenie rzeczywistości mającej na celu odwrócić naszą uwagę od poznania cudu naszych serc, gdyż boja się tego, co moglibyśmy zrobić budząc się na siłę naszych serc. Ale to my musimy wykonać pracę. Uzdrowić nasze serca, słuchać ich, kochać, odżywiać je i chronić. To nieustające zadanie i nasz jedyny prawdziwy cel. Jesteśmy tu po to, by używać naszego daru.

Max tak często mówił o Ziemi jako o Sercu. Pamiętam, że kiedy w kilka dni po jego śmierci zobaczyłam piękna tęczę, automatycznie pomyślałam, że przysłał ją on. Kiedy spojrzałam na tęczę, otrzymałam wiadomość, że najszybszym i najgłębszym sposobem na uzdrowienie i zasilenie serca jest bycie z Ziemią. Przebywanie na łonie natury, w otoczeniu drzew, kwiatów, trawy, chmur, wody i zwierząt budzi twoje centrum. Dlatego niszczą naszą Ziemie/Serce. Dlatego my musimy ocalić naszą Ziemię. Chciał nam przekazać, że zawsze kiedy łączymy się z naszymi sercami, wzmacniamy Matkę Ziemię. Staje się silniejsza.

Wierzę, że Max Spiers jest głęboko połączony ze świadomością chrystusową i jest dostępny w każdym momencie. Wierzę, że możesz odnaleźć go w swoim sercu, możesz poczuć jego ducha. Jego dusza jest wielka, pełna siły, odwagi, wiedzy i miłości. Kiedy uspokoisz umysł i wejdziesz w ciszę możesz go poczuć. Twoje serce też go rozpozna.


16 września 2016

(Możesz napisać do Yarushy na [email protected])

Another synchronistic message.

Jeszcze jedna synchronistyczna wiadomość.


This Tarot Card truly reminds me of him.

Ta karta tarota bardzo mi go przypomina.


I saw this the week of his death. I think it speaks for itself.

Zobaczyłam to w tygodniu jego śmierci. Mówi samo za siebie.


Rainbow which is associated with Max. I saw this the week of his death. I thought of him and that it was connected to him.



Heart shaped cloud. I looked up at the sky. Had been thinking of Max. I asked for a sign from him.

Chmura w formie serca. Spojrzałam na niebo. Myślałam o Maxie. Prosiłam o znak od niego.


Yarusha sent me two more pics associated with Max that she came across lately. We wanted to share with all of you.


Max’s symbol, the Red Rose.

Yarusha przysłała mi jeszcze dwa zdjęcia związane z Maxem, na które natknęła się ostatnio. Chcemy się nimi z wami podzielić.


Symbol Maxa, Czerwona Róża.


It’s all about Protecting the Heart.

Wszystko po to, by Chronić Serce.