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Vanessa on Max’s Art Work

“Max did not paint or draw over the past two years. He couldn’t find the time or the peace to do it. He only ever did abstract art. Totally abstract art and rarely colour as he was colour blind. No one at all, except myself and his sister, have any of his art work. He never gave it to anyone. It was far too personal. Any art you have seen anywhere on line is not his.”

“I want to let you who care, and I know there are a lot of us, that Max’s art was complex and precise. Detailed and alive. If you know modern art you will know Miro. When Max was born I put postcards of Miro around his Moses basket. Strangely enough his art followed that style. He was only a month old before those cards were removed. I’m just saying his art is unmistakable It’s him. Not pretty. Complex and raw.”

~ Vanessa Bates

February 22, 2017

THIS is Max’s lovely art work.

Story by Max at Five Years Old~ Beware of the V






One night a boy was in bed when he saw light beaming through his window and it was around. He looked out of his window and he caught a glance of a flying saucer.  The mountain he got up and went to look what he saw. When went to what is was the women coming out were people but  I noticed that had sort of a V shape on the neck. After that I ran home to tell anyone. Next morning I found out that they were from this  Earth. That they had been bitten by some sort of creature and when they were bitten they were brainwashed! And they came after people to bite their neck. So we would not (trust) any body with a V on their neck.

~Max Spiers

5 Years Old

(circa 1981)