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Weʼre raising £5,000 to Raise funds for MAX SPIERS’ on going legal fees. He died July 16th 2016, the circumstances are being investigated, we are seeking the truth.

Max Spiers died July 16th, 2016 under suspicious circumstances. He was connected with Poland as he had been speaking there earlier in the year. He died , that night, unexpectedly. Look on line for extensive details about this disturbing case.
We have a Polish lawyer who is working closely with the Polish prosecutor. We have a British lawyer also working tirelessly on Max’s case. The inquest is being prepared for in great detail with many interviews already in place. The cost of this in depth inquest is great, we need assistance for justice to prevail . A young, vibrant, father, son, brother has been lost, a voice for so very many has been taken from us. He is loved across the world, we can’t rest until the facts are revealed and the ghastly misinformation is righted! He has been wronged. Please help us in this fight for honesty and justice.

~ Vanessa Bates

This investigation is ongoing, hence ongoing legal fees. Max’s family is doing the best they can but do not have the financial capability to bare the burden of the legal feels alone. So any help is greatly appreciated. No one likes to ask! But it’s ultimately for Max! So we thank you in advance for your caring and generosity.

~ Rosette 

Please Donate for Polish Lawyer to Keep Max’s Investigation Going~ Prosimy o finansowe wsparcie na polskiego adwokata w celu kontynuacji śledztwa, dotyczącego tajemniczej śmierci Maxa na terenie Polski.


Inquest delayed as so much more information is emerging. This case is complicated, many people involved. I wish could share details but I cannot for the obvious reasons. Please don’t give up on helping, the lawyer is outstanding. Thank you supporters of Max.

~ Vanessa

If you can donate, even a little, keeps the fight going. Vanessa gave the last of the money to the Polish lawyer. Will need more to keep it going. It shouldn’t be based on money, but for true justice in this day and age that is what is required. Two locations involved, UK and Poland, make for twice as much court proceedings and everything attached to them.

Remember who this is for- MAX.



As many of you know Max SPIERS is involved in a complex case that resulted in his untimely death aged 39 years. His story is easy to find on the Internet and is heartbreaking. He died July 16th, 2016. His inquest is set for February 22nd, 2017. This is before a judge and it is essential that we have as much evidence as possible for his inquest. The $2000 already raised is being used for his Polish legal fees. His Polish lawyer is outstanding and is getting much research done for relatively little money. I need another $2000 to enable this work to continue in Poland. You have been so incredibly generous I know that Max would thank you if he could. As his mother I cannot give up, most of my days are spent trying to get to the truth. He is loved for who he was and for the work he did. Please help us reach the truth and get the justice he deserves.

~Vanessa Bates



I want to say again. Thank you all from my heart for your loving and support. Results are being gained for this dear boy. The Polish lawyer is fantastic and just keeps going. News will be slower but it never, ever stops. Patience is the key. I will continue, please do not think quiet means things are slowing down. Love always. Xxx   



Thanks to all of you wonderful souls we have reached 100%!! Our goal has been achieved. You should all feel very good for your donations and loving support. It means the world. Now we are firmly on the road to get justice for Max.  We will update with anything we can that won’t harm the investigation.  We will post the news here. Thank you again for your generosity.     


Please donate for Polish Lawyer to Keep Max’s Investigation Going- November 4, 2016

No one likes to ask for money. It is being done out of pure necessity. Vanessa has struggled greatly to keep an investigation alive that should have been on-going without her insistence. But thanks to her hard work and selflessness, by putting herself out there for her son, the case is back on track. Now the only hurdle is the funding for the Polish lawyer who has accepted Max’s case. So please please, anything you can spare to help would be greatly appreciated. 

If the link attached doesn’t work, try the link Sandy added on her comment below. That seems to work!

Much appreciated, Rosette

Nikt nie lubi prosić o pieniądze, ale tym razem nie mamy innego wyjścia. Śmierć Maxa tak nami wstrząsnęła, że nie zostawimy tego bez wyjaśnienia i zrobimy wszystko, by prawda ujrzała światło dnia. Vanessa dzielnie zmagała się, by utrzymać śledztwo w sprawie śmierci Maxa, które powinno być kontynuowane bez jej nalegań. Dzięki jej ciężkiej pracy i bezinteresowności, występując publicznie dla swojego syna, sprawa zaczyna przybierać właściwy kierunek. Obecnie jedynym problemem jest sfinansowanie polskiego prawnika, który podejmie się prowadzenia sprawy Maxa. Prosimy Was zatem o pomoc, która jest nam obecnie niezbędna w poszukiwaniu prawdy. Każde wsparcie się liczy i za każde jesteśmy ogromnie wdzięczni. <3

 Poniżej znajduje się link, pod którym można składać wsparcie finansowe (jakiekolwiek), na kontynuację śledztwa w sprawie tajemniczej śmierci Maxa.

 Z wyrazami wdzięczności, Rosette


Witajcie Kochani!

Rozpoczęliśmy zbiórkę 2.000 funtów na opłacenie polskiego adwokata, który zajmie się sprawą wyjaśnienia śmierci Maxa na terenie Polski.

Mamy już adwokata w Anglii, ale musimy zatrudnić również adwokata w Polsce, by kontynuować sprawę.

~ Vanessa Bates


We have come a long way in my son Max Spier’s case.  We desperately need some Polish assistance to get justice for Max.  I am a teacher. I don’t have these funds. Please help me to help Max. He has two sons, a brother with special needs and a sister grieving.  We want the truth to find some peace. ~ Vanessa Bates

Przeszliśmy długą drogę w sprawie śmierci mojego syna Maxa Spiersa. Rozpaczliwie potrzebujemy polskiego wsparcia prawnego, by sprawiedliwości stało się zadość dla Maxa.

Jestem nauczycielką i nie jestem w stanie sama pokryć wszystkich kosztów. Proszę pomóżcie mi pomóc Maxowi. Max ma 2 synków, brata specjalnej troski i siostrę w żałobie.

Poszukujemy prawdy, by zaznać wewnętrznego spokoju.

~ Vanessa Bates

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